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Sauvignon - late harvest 2013


Bronze medal - Femmes et Vins du Monde Monaco 2014

Gold medal - MUVINA PREŠOV 2014

Silver medal - International Wine Guide, Spain 2014

Gold medal - The Michelangelo CCL Label International Wine Awards of South Africa 2014

Vlastnosti vína

Region: Morava
Subregion: Mikulovská
Town: Klentnice
Wineyeard: Nad Sv.Leonardem
Alcohol: 12.5 %
Residual sugar: 4.6 g/l
Acid: 6.9 g/l
Time archiv: 3 years
Serving temperature: 9-11 °C
Year of harvest: 2013
Batch number: 27/13
Amount of bottles: 7000 bottles
Volume: 0,75 l l

Charakteristika vína

The wine attracts with yellow-golden colour.


In the aroma we can smell blossoms of elderberry, fresh picked peaches, gooseberry and mix of tropic fruits. The taste is very mild, fresh and corresponds with the aroma. The wine is full bodied, delicious and enjoyable. Finish taste is charming with ripe citrus fruits and fresh acid. We can serve with many meals – veal, poultry, thick soups and piquant pastas