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Rulandské šedé - late harvest 2008


Diploma - International Wine Challenge London 2009

Vlastnosti vína

Region: Morava
Subregion: Mikulovská
Town: Mikulov
Wineyeard: Šibeniční vrch
Alcohol: 12.5 %
Residual sugar: 5.8 g/l
Acid: 6.1 g/l
Time archiv: 5 years
Serving temperature: 12 °C
Year of harvest: 2008
Batch number: 36/08
Amount of bottles: 20000
Volume: 0,75 l

Charakteristika vína

The full and consistent wine made of ripe grapes. The colour is vivid, greenish with yellow reflexes. The nose is a combination of meadow honey, ripe citrus fruits and caramel.


The taste is very full extractive, balanced by acidity with natural sweet finish taste. It matches to cream soups, poultry with cheese sauce and blue cheese with strong flavour.