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Ariana - late harvest 2011


Gold medal - Poysdorfer Weinparade 2012

Vlastnosti vína

Region: Morava
Subregion: Velkopavlovická
Town: Velké Pavlovice
Wineyeard: Nadzahrady
Alcohol: 12.5 %
Residual sugar: 0.3 g/l
Acid: 5.2 g/l
Time archiv: up to 8 let
Serving temperature: 14-16 °C
Year of harvest: 2011
Batch number: 64/11
Amount of bottles: 8000 bottles
Volume: 0,75 l

Charakteristika vína

This young moravian breed became by crossing (Riesling x Saint Laurent)x Zweigeltrebe.


The wine has rich ruby colour. In the nose is mix of stone fruit with traces of overriped raspberries coming to the jam tones. In very interesting palate which copies the aroma we can smell traces of stone fruit expecially wild cherries and cherries in jam form. All is nicely supplied with velvet tannin with fresh acid. It is suitable to serve with piquant red meat and brie cheese.