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Zweigeltrebe - late harvest 2008


Vlastnosti vína

Region: Morava
Subregion: Velkopavlovická
Town: Velké Pavlovice
Wineyeard: Nadzahrady
Alcohol: 12 %
Residual sugar: 5.5 g/l
Acid: 5.2 g/l
Time archiv: 2
Serving temperature: 10 °C
Year of harvest: 2008
Batch number: 41/08
Amount of bottles: 7800
Volume: 0,75 l

Charakteristika vína

The colour is slightly pink with orange reflections reminding thin cut slices of salmon. The wine has fresh expressive fruit aroma similar to fresh picked leaves of strawberries and raspberries.


The palate is very pleasantly balanced. The rest sugar and piquant acid are reminding raspberry lemonade. Correctly cooled wine refreshes during the hot summer dinners. The wine is suitable by its character to fruit salads, pasta and light fish food.