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Radomil Baloun comes from the vinter family from Velké Bílovice whose ancestors were winemakers for many generations and the one we should mention is his grandpa Cyril Kratochvíl (1892 - 1972). Radek when he was a small boy he used to go with him to the wineyard and wine cellar. At those days he smelt wine for the first time and slept under the grapevine bush all the afternoon, covered with his grandpa’s coat. read more.

Latest news

In this competition we won: 
Gold medal - Ryzlink vlašský (Welschriesling ) pozdní sběr 2016
Gold medal - Riesling LEES AGING pozdní sběr 2014

At the 7th edition of international competition in Poland our wines won following awards
Zlatá medaile - Rulandské bílé pozdní sběr 2016 /  Pinot blanc late harvest 2016
Zlatá medaile -  Sauvignon pozdní sběr 2016 / late harvest 2016
Zlatá medaile - Merlot pozdní sběr 2015 / late harvest 2016
Zlatá medaile - Merlot pozdní sběr 2015 / late harvest 2015

In this year's parade we won silver medals for:   
Chardonnay  pozdní sběr / late harvest 2016
Veltlínské zelené pozdní sběr / Grïner Veltliner late harvest 2016
Müller Thurgau pozdní sběr / late harvest 2016
Pálava pozdní sběr / late harvest 2016
Zweigeltrebe rosé kabinetní víno / kabinet wine 2016
Ryzlink vlašský pozdní sběr / Welschriesling late harvest 2016
Rulandské modré BLANC kabinetní víno / kabinet wine 2016
Zweigeltrebe BLANC kabinetní víno / kabinet wine 2016

In the 13th annual of the competition we won:

Gold medal -  Merlot výběr z hroznů / grape selection 2015
Gold medal - Rulandské modré ROSÉ pozdní sběr/ Pinot Noir ROSÉ late harvest 2016
Silver medal - Frankovka BLANC kabinetní víno /  Lemberger BLANC kabinet wine 2016
Silver medal - Rulandské modré BLANC kabinetní víno / Pinot Noir BLANC kabinet wine 2016

At the XV. annual international competition of cuvée, blanded and brand wines we won:
Silver medal for Cuvée Pinot pozdní sběr 2016.

"All the guys in the village met with the wine as a boys because their fathers and grandfathers went to work to the vineyards and also to the wine cellars. As a kid I liked as the most a wine harvest period , because everywhere were a lots of people, queue of growers  which were selling part of their grapes to winery. Queue was running to the village, cellars were opened, everyone was singing and adults had a lot of work with wine ... "

Radomil Baloun